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Most of Bleach, Naruto and FMA.
Look, comment and enjoy :la:


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My dear babies c:

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Asuka Kuchiki's Assassination Group

Assassination Group:
Captain: Asuka Kuchiki
Pairing with Canon: TsukishimaxAsuka
Pairing with my OC: AsukaxKyou
Pairing with other OC: AsukaxCole (Lanokir OC)
Pairing with other OC: AsukaxAkari (NexusYuber OC)
.:Bleach OC:. Timeskip Asuka by Jeanette-BlackChibi Bleach OC - Asuka by Jeanette-BlackCommission 3 for Lanokir by Jeanette-Black

Asuka's zanpaktou spirit: Benjirou
C - Jeanette-Black 7 by soi-scholla

Vice-captain: Akihiko Koujima
Pairing with Canon: AkihikoxNanao
Pairing with my OC: -
Pairing with other OC: AkihikoxHanae (Serahime-Hana OC)
Akihiko fanservice by Jeanette-BlackChibi Bleach OC - Akihiko by Jeanette-BlackPCM 1/2 for Jeanne (Akihiko and Hanae) by MyangHime

3rd Seat: Daisuke Koujima
Pairing with Canon: DaisukexYoruichi
Pairing with my OC: DaisukexRuby
Pairing with other OC: -
Daisuke fanservice by Jeanette-BlackChibi Bleach OC - Daisuke by Jeanette-Black

5th Seat: Himiko Ogata
Pairing with Canon: HaschwalthxHimiko
Pairing with my OC: HimikoxKazutaka
Pairing with other OC: HimikoxRoy (Lanokir OC)
.:Bleach OC:. Himiko by Jeanette-BlackChibi Bleach OC - Himiko by Jeanette-BlackRequest by LeTWork

6th Seat: Kazutaka Ito
Pairing with Canon: KazutakaxJackie
Pairing with my OC: KazutakaxHimiko
Pairing with other OC: KazutakaxKiyoko (soi-scholla OC)
.:Bleach OC:. Kazutaka by Jeanette-BlackChibi Bleach OC - Kazutaka by Jeanette-BlackRequest by LeTWork

7th Seat: Shinto
Pairing with Canon: ShintoxNeliel
Pairing with my OC: -
Pairing with other OC: -
Shinto by Jenssiej

8th Seat: Jenny "Ruby" Smith
Pairing with Canon: -
Pairing with my OC: RubyxDaisuke
Pairing with other OC: -
Contest - Jenny 'Ruby' Smith by Lanokir

9th Seat: Mei Shihouin
Pairing with Canon: -
Pairing with my OC: HimuraxMei
Pairing with other OC: ReijixMei (Serahime-Hana OC)
.:Bleach OC:. Mei by Jeanette-Black

10th Seat: Himura Chouzen
Pairing with Canon: -
Pairing with my OC: HimuraxMei
Pairing with other OC: -
Himura Chouzen by ksshukunContest prize for ksshukun by ivan3Q

11th Seat: Kyou Inaba
Pairing with Canon: -
Pairing with my OC: AsukaxKyou
Pairing with other OC: -
Contest entry - Kyou Inaba by soi-scholla

12th Seat: Roy (Lanokir OC)
Pairing with Canon: -
Pairing with my OC: RoyxHimiko
Roy Sheet by LanokirChibi Bleach OC - Roy by Jeanette-BlackRequest by LeTWork

My other OCs

SnK OCs:
Ivan&Lena Schneider
Lejon Fran Norden by Jeanette-BlackMors Regina by Jeanette-Black

Lena Schneider
Pairing with Canon: LenaxMike
Pairing with my OC: LenaxJon
Pairing with other OC: -
.:SnK OC:. Lena by Jeanette-BlackCodename 006: Schrodinger by Jeanette-Black

Ivan Schneider
Pairing with Canon: IvanxJean
Pairing with my OC: IvanxDimitri
Pairing with other OC: IvanxYekaterina (soi-scholla OC)
.:SnK OC:. Ivan by Jeanette-BlackCodename 003: Kerberos by Jeanette-Black

Dimitri Fiodorov
Pairing with Canon: DimitrixSasha
Pairing with my OC: DimitrixIvan
Pairing with other OC: DimitrixAstrid (Kometenmelodie OC)
.:SnK OC:. Dimitri by Jeanette-Black

Jon Adler
Pairing with Canon: JonxAnnie
Pairing with my OC: LenaxJon
Pairing with other OC: -

Naruto OCs:
Miyako Hitaki
Pairing with Canon: MiyakoxKakashi/ Yamato
Pairing with my OC: MiyakoxShin
Pairing with other OC: -
.:Naruto OC:. Miyako by Jeanette-Black[AT] Miyako and Kakashi by MyangHime

Shin Hitaki
Pairing with Canon: ShinxShizune
Pairing with my OC: MiyakoxShin
Pairing with other OC: -
Miyako and Shin by Mekuvi

Jeanette Black
Pairing with Canon: JeanettexGreed (Greelin)
Pairing with my OC: -
Pairing with other OC: -
nobody's here by soi-scholla

No name yet.
Pairing with Canon: -
Pairing with my OC:
Pairing with other OC: -
Your Majesty by soi-scholla


Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDukeNo Requests by SweetDuke
Trades - Ask Me by SweetDukeCollaborations - Open by SweetDukeKiribans - On Hold by SweetDuke

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Commission points/ Money commission:bulletblue::bulletblue:

:bulletblue:I DO:
- Fanarts
- OCs
- Pervy/ecchi
- Yaoi/ yuri

:bulletblue:I DON'T DO:
- Animals
- Mecha
- Furry/anthro
- Porn
- Realism

Tylko dla Rodaków. Proszę śmiało pytać.


Colouring: cell shaded or normal

Prices are for:
Bust - Halfbody - Fullbody

:bulletpink:Colour art:
First price is for cell-shading, second for normal colouring
Points: 400/450 - 500/550 - 600/650
Money: 8/10$ - 10/12$ - 12/14$
+ 200 points/ 3$ for details

:bulletpink:Flat colours:
Points: 400 - 450 - 500
Money: 6$ - 8$ - 10$
+ 200 points/ 3$ for details

:bulletpink:Additional characters: +half of original price for each character
:bulletpink:Complicated background: +400 points/ 5$

:bulletpurple:Dakimakura art:
Only one character in cell-shade or normal colouring. No complicated backgrounds.
Points: 700/800
Money: 12/14$
+ 200 points/ 3$ for details

Pictures redrawn from official arts, manga panels, fanarts etc. or pictures of OCs in cell-shade.
Requires precise pose reference. No complicated backgrounds.
Sizes on demand.
Points: 600/700
Money: 12/14$
+ 200 points/ 3$ details

:bulletpurple:Chibi art:
Only one character in cell-shade or normal colouring. No complicated backgrounds.
Points: 450/500
Money: 8/10$
+ 200 points/ 3$ details

:bulletpurple:Custom design/ Profile sheet of OC:
Only one character in cell-shading. Preferably fandoms I know.
The reference will include: full body front and back view, bust and colours.
Points: 1200
Money: 18$
+ 200 points/ 3$ for details

I. No deadlines - I have my own life too.
Ia. Please pay me after I accept commission.
Ib. Don't send menotes everyday about "how is it going". Why? See point I.
II. Contact with me via dA notes.
III. I will send You a sketch or line art for accepting.
IV. If You want to use my art You need to credit me.
IVa. If You use my adoptable OC or OC designed by me, credit me too.
V. If You commissioned something from me at least fav it or give me a sign You like it.
VI. Watch me, if You want to have updates about my commissions. And only watchers get commissions.
*VII. I can show You a WIP if You want. Just tell me.

1. Prices are per character.
2. I will do up to 5 characters per picture maximum.
3. All my commissions, art trades, requests etc. are available to download by clients from my
4. You need to know that my art style is still changing, better check out my latest arts.
5. I have the right to decline a commission for any reason.
6. Detailed descriptions and references for drawings are very welcome.

- Możliwość zapłacenia przelewem na konto bankowe.
- Zniżka 10%.
- Cena może ulec zmianie w zależności od użytych materiałów oraz jakości papieru.
- Do ceny doliczam również koszty przesyłki zamówienia.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Ordering form:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Please note to me with the title: "Commission" and this form:
- Paypal / Points Commission:
- Commission type (bust/halfbody/fullbody/chibi etc.):
- Colouring style (cell shading, normal, flat):
- Number of characters:
- Fandom:
- Character's info (optional):
- References for character (preferably photos, arts):
- References for pose (preferably photos, arts):
- Background (transparent, white, simple, complicated; if complcated include references):
- Comments/ details (optional):

Commissions/ requests/ art trades/ gifts by me

Newest works only!
Commission for Senyou by Jeanette-BlackCommission 3 for Lanokir by Jeanette-BlackBlack Velvet by Jeanette-BlackCommission 2 for EternalLight10 by ivan3QCommission for hellonanabanana by ivan3QCommission 3 for XProdigy by ivan3QCommission 4 for Lanokir by Jeanette-BlackCommission for JulianaJealousy by ivan3QCommission for NexusYuber by Jeanette-Black

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Jeanette-Black has started a donation pool!
9,067 / 15,000
Copyright Statement 2 by SophibelleCopyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle

:bulletred:Commissions will be open around March/April!:bulletred:

Art done by Peachtrades

Please donate! :dummy:

For more info read this: Rules&Prices
or scroll down for more info about commissions c:
To the end of the page. Samples are there too.

:bulletred:I'm not a native speaker, so don't cling onto my grammar etc.
:bulletred:I don't do requests, so please don't ask about them. The only exeptions are requests that include my OCs in the picture. Those requests are for friends only and I don't have to accept them.
:bulletred:Collabs are very welcome. Just ask.
:bulletred:Art trades are only for friends and for people with medium (or higher) skills in drawing, sorry.
:bulletred:People who are bothering me without a reason are going to be blocked for week or two.
:bulletred:People who are bashing my arts and OCs without a reason and behind my back are going to be blocked for all eternity.

Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDukeNo Requests by SweetDuke
Trades - Ask Me by SweetDukeCollaborations - Open by SweetDukeKiribans - On Hold by SweetDuke

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Random OC feature

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 6, 2015, 10:40 AM
Stolen from Lanokir

The first ten people who comment, I will feature a favorite pics of your OC right here in this journal and comment why I like them. If you do comment, please be sure to do the same in your own journal and put me in the first feature slot. 

Okay, big sorry for my great comments why I like Your OCs, but I have writeblock and stuff. Brainblock probably.

1. Lanokir Cole Butoukai
Commission 4 for Lanokir by Jeanette-Black
You have A LOT of awesome OCs there, my dear. But I chose Cole, because I totally love him :heart: I love his look and character and man, he's Asuka's boy so.

2. ChikaraRyoku Mathew Cimitara Suraisa
Mathew Cimitara Suraisa: Peachtrades Style. by ChikaraRyoku
One of the Bleach OCs I encountered when I started to create my own OCs. I really like him. Well-designed and good-looking handsome man. What else could we possibly want?

3. LadyUkitake Kazumi Rei Nii
Sketch Commission - K a z u m i by zefiar
One of the sweetest and cutest female OC I've ever seen. I'm totally in love with her hairstyle and clothes. Probably because I can't create cute girls on my own, only heartless bitches :P

4. rei-kiri Masako Moro
Commission Reikiri by DreamingEssence
Again, one of the first OCs I saw, and still one of the best design in Bleach fandom. I love her clothes and hair colour. And she's cool, that's it.

5. Crimson-Agony 
Valkyrie Sturmgeiru
Valkyrie: The Angel of Battle by Crimson-Agony
You can kick my ass if it isn't one of the best arrancar OC design ever. Seems so legit, she should be in the manga, really. Send her to Kubo. Pls.

6. ToaTepsak Saari
Saari by ToaTepsak
Isn't she cute? So adorable! But I think she can kick some asses too. Perfect woman.

7. KirasDarkLight 
Takehiko Moro
Commander Moro by KirasDarkLight
Isn't he cool? I'm so in love with his design. Especially clothes, so badass. I also like his hairstyle. I have a thing for characters like this.

8. mquezada88 
The Magical Slimegirl of Justice - Glossina by mquezada88
Interesting character, very sexy. I'm not into those kind of OCs, but I must say, I really like her. Looks like strong, independent woman. Just like the characters I like the most.

9. gamemaster8910 Hisami
Hisami cleaned colored redo by gamemaster8910
Ineed, I like her eyes =) 
Another uniqe OC, like Glossina. But still, cool and sexy.

10. oggo171 
Zeraida Ashikikaga
Zeraida Ashikikaga Shikai 'Chuzo, Tasogare!' by oggo171
Yet another cool, badass captain OC. I love her haori, it looks so nice. And she's blonde - there's too little blonde characters in Bleach. Awesome.

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You can find me on....

:bulletblue:Personal Facebook: ivan3Q

:bulletblue:Facebook fan page: J-B fan page

:bulletblack:Tumblr: BloodOrangeTemplars

:bulletblack:Art blog on Tumblr: Art blog

:bulletblack:Phantom Gods Tumblr: PhantomGods

:bulletgreen:DeviantArt: Jeanette-Black or ivan3Q

:bulletgreen:Roleplay accounts:

:bulletpink:y!Gallery: ivan3Q

My male OCs: choose Your favourite! 

5 deviants said All of them!
4 deviants said Benjirou (Asuka's sword) C - Jeanette-Black 7 by soi-scholla
3 deviants said Daisuke Koujima Daisuke fanservice by Jeanette-Black
2 deviants said Akihiko Koujima PCM 1/2 for Jeanne (Akihiko and Hanae) by MyangHime
2 deviants said Dimitri Fiodorov C. - Jeanette Black 8 by soi-scholla
1 deviant said Kazutaka Ito .:Bleach OC:. Kazutaka by Jeanette-Black
1 deviant said Ivan Schneider Colored Headshot Commission: Ivan Schneider by galia-and-kitty
No deviants said *Shin Hitaki and Jon Adler have yet to be drawn, sorry!

Waiting for...

*2x Saota --FOR LONG TIME-- PAID ? ? ? no contact
- Sachmet
- Zeus
*Espiral-Azul REQUEST ? ? ?
- Mike&Lena
*LeTWork a few works
- Himiko and Roy NOT PAID
- Lena and Mike PAID
- Asuka and Akari PAID

Art trades:
*3x soi-scholla --FOR LONG TIME--
- evolution of Asuka
- my SnK OCs
- Kuchiki family
- Asuka with Tsukishima

Commissions, requests and art trades etc.

:bulletyellow: - blank mind
:bulletblue: - idea
:bulletpurple: - sketch
:bulletpink: - lineart
:bulletorange: - colouring
:bulletgreen: - finishing
:bulletblack: - done; waiting for submission

To do:
*:bulletpurple:Contest prize for UsaBerryHime - Orihime

*:dollarus::bulletpink:Commission for miseryrayvn 9$ --PAID--
Dakimakura art of one character. Simple background.
*:dollarus::bulletpurple:Commission for CRed1988 18$ --PAID--
Picture of one character, cell-shaded. Complicated background.
*:bulletpurple:Art trade with Serahime-Hana
Cell-shaded halfbody of two characters. Simple background?

Waiting list:

Extended Waiting list:
*Merc-Wit-da-Mouth ?
*Lanokir ?
*oggo171 ?
*Dr-InSean ?
*WarriorAngel36 ?
*hellonanabanana ?
*JulianaJealousy --WAITING LIST--
*deadpoolthesecond --WAITING LIST--

Art trades, collabs:


My plans:
:bulletblue:Naruto fanarts - Deidara
:bulletyellow:SnK fanarts - ???
:bulletpink:Sailor Moon fanarts - Usagi
:bulletorange:Thanks for 60.000 hits art - Byakuya

:bulletblue:Big Assassination Group Project
:bulletpink:Fake screen with Asuka&Company
:bulletyellow:Big pillows series - Asuka
:bulletorange:Chibi OC series - chibi Lena
:bulletblue:Adoptable Bleach OC - male quincy
:bulletpink:Bleach OC Profile Sheet - Asuka Kuchiki + profile art
:bulletblue:Bleach OC - timeskip Akihiko&Daisuke
:bulletpurple:Naruto OC - Shin Hitaki
:bulletpurple:Lena on some roof
:bulletpink:Lena with someone
:bulletpink:titanLena doing stuff, things
:bulletblue:SnK OC Profile Sheet - Jon Adler
:bulletblue:SnK OCs squads

:star:Sexy Assassin's Creed series:star:
Connor Altair ?

:iconorzplz::iconsaysplz:I'm sorry for being always late!
:iconarigatouplz::iconsaysplz:Thank You for commissioning me!


:heart:[R] [ Asuka ] by Inconcabille[ A s u k a ] by Inconcabille[ A s u k a | T s u k i s h i m a ] by Inconcabille:heart:
:heart:[ Asuka ] by Inconcabille[G] [ Ivan | Lena | Dimitri ] by Inconcabille:heart:
:heart:Sabaton stamp by lapis-lazuriSabaton Stamp by PaatPoisTaiHirteenSabaton Stamp by Laoness:heart:
Mike Zakarius Stamp by Nabiryi- snk: erwin smith stamp by c-hemistrySnK  Reiner stamp by SamThePenetrator
Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by CrazeehDinaSNK: Jean Kirschtein Stamp by AdraowenBertholdt stamp by SonneDark
Hanji Zoe Stamp by NoriekoSasha Braus Stamp by NabiryiYmir Stamp by Nabiryi
Attack On Titan Stamp: Annie 2 by wow1076Auruo Stamp by sennketsuMilitary Police - Stamp by BrokenBound
Stamp - Kakashi by RenkashiYamato Fan Stamp by SpadaStampsKakaYama stamp by medli
PW: Edgeworth stamp by ChibikaedeKlavier and Apollo Stamp by oh-mi-gawdPhoenix Wright Stamp by Sky-Yoshi
I Love Vaas 2 by Coley-sXeConnor Stamp by SpannedSoulAve Cesare Stamp by SpannedSoul
Borgia Happens Stamp by SpannedSoulHaytham Kenway Stamp by anifanaticalOfficer stamp by akselvee
Bring It On Stamp by SpannedSoulEdward Kenway by redemptariStamp: Assassin's Creed Revelations by wLadyB91
Stamp Scar by HavickTheLionRayne stamp by White---Devil
Supernatural by kicsiannaSupernatural stamp by kshapiroSam and Dean by Ranger-Sarha
AHHHHH by zerotozuneSupernatural PUDDING stamp by limpet666Supernatural Sitcom Stamp by Ranger-Sarha
Loki stamp no.3 by sternenstaunerLoki by CapsiclesLoki Facepalm Stamp by TwilightProwler
Darth Vader Stamp by IndustriousRagemr bean teddy bear by sk1ttterVoldemort Stamp by Drake1
Aragorn II stamp by purgatoriLord of the Rings Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanSasuke Stamp by WiiplayWii
BloodRayne Stamp by halofarmTomb Raider : Underworld Stamp by BaB-JaneCall of Duty 4 Gif Stamp by AleXielBrando
Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows by st-stampsGreeling Stamp by AdryJustendAlphonse Elric Stamp by mandys
Ling Yao 8 - wut by Gilligan-StampsLing Dance - Stamp by I-Forget-To-ForgetClub submition: Grimmjow Stamp by Grimmjow-FC
Aizen Sosuke stamp by blueblack-hornetIchimaru Gin Stamp by Krisderp.:Bleach:. Ginjou stamp by Jeanette-Black
.:Bleach:. Tsukishima stamp by Jeanette-BlackIshida stamp by Ichigo--samaMayuri Stamp by mayuri-madness-fc
+ Gaara stamp I + by stamps-accountRoy Mustang Stamp by AdryJustendStamp - Havoc by edelricrules
Envy - Stamp by edelricrulesPride Stamp by SimbaTheHumanVergil Fan Stamp by Joz-yyh
Dante Stamp by SilentImageryKadaj wants YOU by Tifa22APH: I love Ivan Stamp by Chibikaede
Alucard Stamp by jibirelleLight Death Note Stamp by NeyjourHarribel Stamp 1 of 5 by Count-Urbonov
Yoruichi Stamp by Ivenetta-ZweifelOlivier Mira Armstrong by the-sorcressLust stamp by AdryJustend
Linkin Park by SakuraStarsLady Gaga Stamp by Kezzi-RoseEvanescence Stamp by BerryFlavoredApples
Three Days Grace Stamp by Kezzi-RoseMy Chemical Romance I by darkdisciple-stampsWithin Temptation stamp by purgatori


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